Your Methodist Nun in DC

Hello Dover UMC!

I am so excited to share with you what has been going on since I arrived! Adjusting to city life has been a much more difficult transition than I expected. We really take for granted the sense of community we have in Arkansas, and Dover especially. Life is very different here, in more ways than I could possibly explain.

My office - the United Methodist Building

My office – the United Methodist Building

My work at the General Board of Church and Society has been slow to start, which I’m actually extremely thankful for! My supervisor is on maternity leave until the end of September, but she left me detailed instructions to help me get comfortable until she gets back. One such instruction was to watch a variety of videos that address different issues. Each one was incredibly interesting and very informative, shedding light on things I was either not aware of at all or things I was only partially educated about.

I wanted to share one of these videos with you to give you a closer look at life in DC. I realized that we have very distinct ideas about what DC might be like, what it is portrayed as. The reality though is far less glamorous and even quite scandalous. Here in our nation’s capital, citizens are seated at the feet of democracy but do not get to experience it for themselves. Residents have no voice, no vote. It is extremely difficult for people to be so close to power and yet have none — especially those who are struggling to get by. Please take some time and watch this video below [click the link]. It gives a more balanced perspective of what life is like for so many here in DC.

With Pastor Nadia Boltz-Weber

With Pastor Nadia Boltz-Weber

Living in DC isn’t all bad. Well, not bad at all really, just a balance of different issues than I’m accustomed to. There is definitely more access to certain opportunities here. Last Thursday I went to a book signing event to hear Nadia Boltz-Weber speak about her new book Accidental Saints. Nadia is an incredible Lutheran pastor at House For All Sinners And Saints in Denver, Colorado. I’m a big fan of her books and really appreciate her perspective on life and faith. It was an honor to listen to and meet her.

12026488_10205667815068015_399169655_nT11990693_10100423726964902_410346980616641394_noday I was able to attend church at Foundry UMC. I’ve gone to worship
there a couple of
times and had the chance to celebrate their bicentennial this morning. The two guest speakers were none other than Hillary and Chelsea Clinton! They went to the church when President Clinton was in office and the three of them returned “home” for the festivities. It was a true treat to hear these amazing women speak.

I have the opportunity to see the Pope on the 24th, but I’m not sure yet if I’ll be able to attend due to work obligations. I’ll keep you updated!

As always, thank you so much for your prayers and support! I ask that you continue to include me in your thoughts and prayer life as I continue to find my way in this new city. Know that you have helped prepared me well for this – in confidence, intellect, courage, and spirit.

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I love and miss you all! Until next time, Amber

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