Small Church Youth Ministry Cohort

Prayerfully consider being part of the Small Church Youth Ministry Cohort. This is an excellent opportunity for Dover United Methodist Church to make leaps in serving the youth of our church. We are looking for one or two people who are interested in participating. Please look over the information provided below, taken from their website, and visit for additional information. Let Pastor Roy Beth know if you are interested in getting involved!

The Small Church Youth Ministry Cohort is a training, mentoring and support program designed for churches with small membership in the Arkansas Conference of the United Methodist Church (ARUMC). This program is aimed to help churches develop their vision and mission for ministry with young people while also helping each team prepare a strategic plan to enable them to realize this vision. Churches will be trained in the best practices of ministry with young people as well as develop opportunities for sharing their ministries with other churches in their community and district. The cohort is provided by a collaboration between the Small Church Youth Ministry Department of the company Ministry Architects and the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Area of the ARUMC.

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